In a completely different way, we make sure you will get subsidies for your projects: for start-ups, larger organisations and complete supply chains of companies. And we take care of all additional activities, with strong IT tooling we developed for you.

Incentivate: subsidy webtool

With our product Incentivate we can collect in an efficient and effective manner all relevant information for subsidy applications and opportunities. Next to this it facilitates both individual employees and projects as well as administration matters. Incentivate has been developed based on a process which can be harmonised with your business processes. Altogether, this will save you time and will bring you extra revenues.

Market leader

We are the market leader for subsidy services for secondment and staffing organisations. For this market a different way of working and application is required. And because of that, also different skills and experience.

Network approach

Not only in your organisation there are innovation and subsidy opportunities, but also at or with your supplier, partner or customer. Our way of working and our product Incentivate will help you to use all the subsidy opportunities in the chain of organisations around you. From application to administration.


Both in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium we help you with subsidies. We can also assist in the application of European subsidy programs, independant of which EU country it would concern.