Boost your sales!

Many organisations find it challenging and difficult to do sales and business development for a new brand, product or service. For start-ups this is a crucial success factor for the complete organisation. And once successes are there, how to keep and improve them? We help SME’s and start-ups with exactly these 2 challenges.

New business

Finding your launcing customer for a new brand, product or service can be a long quest, with a significant chance for failure. We help SME’s and start-ups to identify promising prospects within a short timeframe, keeping the key features of the product in mind. And it continues from there, we actively help to start the first conversation, until and including the first successful deals.

Account management

It’s a seperate challenge in many organisations: how to keep and grow my current customers? It could be equally difficult as new business. With training that contributes immediately to the productivity and actively taking part in account management activities we help to improve. Not only with the formulation of your proposition, but also the increase of your market share in a segment and growing your current customers.