What do we do?

In a completely different way, we make sure you will get subsidies for your projects: for start-ups, larger organisations and complete supply chains of companies. And we take care of all additional activities, supported by our custom developed IT tooling.

With ‘lean innovation’ we can help you to bring your innovations already in an early stage of development to the market. From idea generation to scoring the first successful deals.

We help organisations to innovate, to change and to improve. We do this ‘bottom up’, with active participation of your team members, because that’s where the ideas are! And in this way, innovation becomes ‘daily practice’.

About Wederic

Wederic ensures you will obtain results on innovation in your organisation, by helping you on:

1. Subsidies and financial support for innovative projects,

2. Sales or business development,

3. Change or improve organisations on innovation capabilities.

We do this in a completely different manner, compared to other services providers. We focus on your organisation and the complete network of companies around you, such as partners, suppliers and customers. This is supported by our custom developed and secure IT tooling, to ensure an efficien and effective way of working. This is how we realise lasting and profitable improvements in stock listed companies, start-ups and SME’s.

The scores are so far:

 percent stocklisted clients
 percent start-ups
 percent customer retention
 on a scale of 10 is the grade clients give us

Our unique way of working…

…is innovative, fresh, fast and effective.

Our scope is not limited to your organisation. We also consider your network and supply chain. Because innovation and subsidy opportunities do not stop at the boundaries of your organisation. Also your partners, suppliers and customers can offer opportunities.

Our Incentivate webtool is another good example. This powerful webtool can help you to apply for subsidy opportunities throughout the complete supply chain of your organisation. This will save you and your employees time and money, and will improve quality and revenues.

With ‘lean innovation’ we help to accelerate the market readyness of your innovations. In working sessions with your teammembers, theory and practice will go hand in hand. From idea generation to scoring the launching customer for your innovation.

Choose results! Do get in touch with us, we look forward meeting you.


result oriented

In everything we do, because not only the way, but also the result itself is important.

network approach

Not only in your organisation there are innovation and subsidy opportunities, but also at or with your supplier, partner or customer.

we take care of everything

From idea to the start and execution, and from administration to audit: we help with results.

market leader

For subsidy services for secondment or staffing organisations.

incentivate: subsidy webtool

A unique webtool for the application and administration of subsidies for a large amount of people, projects and even groups of companies.


We focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, on project basis also other EU states, Asia and North America.

We are knowledgeable about your sector

Our competences and experience match the ones needed for your sector.

Involved in the most important sectors for innovation

Our expertise is reflected in our customers and projects. They are active in the four most important sectors in which many innovations take place. These are the sectors on which the team of Wederic is the most knowledgeable about. With a technical and business background, we are a professional partner at various levels.

Choose results!

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